Lace Trim .com | Lace Trim by the yard for home, fashion & craft We specialized in Lace Trims, Bridal Lace Trim, Cotton Lace Trim, Lace Edging, Ruffled Lace Trim and much more. Plus we do offer Lace Trim Wholesale. 

About Us



Let us take you to the heart of the New York Garment District, where style-savvy shoppers rub elbows with the world’s most elite fashion designers, artists, creators, collectors, crafters, tourists and those with an eye for elegance.

Our parent company has been in the fashion, textile and trimmings accessory industry for decades, right in the heart of New York City.


As you might imagine, we are very passionate about lace.

We believe that lace trim can turn any concept into a stunning success.

So simple, yet so elegant, adding lace to a garment, linen or non-traditional

item can make a big difference in its visual appeal.

From a child’s craft project to a big special occasion – such as a wedding

or birth of a newborn baby – a touch of lace can become

the hallmark of brilliance behind the memories.


At LaceTrims.com, you will discover a tremendous lace-covered marketplace with the best price, top selection of lace by the yard and by the roll. Our mission is to provide a convenient marketplace with the most abundant selection of lace trim, as well as building a bustling community of creative people who are simply looking for a fun and sustainable way to enhance their homes, projects and lives. We welcome seamstresses, sewers, tailors, artists, collectors, and crafters of all ages to try our Lace Trim and fall in love with its romantic decadence. In fact, we believe almost anyone can benefit from the use of lace trim to create or add-on to a project. We invite you to post and show off your creations using our lace trim within your projects, both through our blog, website and social media opportunities. And as an incentive for doing so, we will offer you a special discount for every project shared with us.

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