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Sewing Tips for Gathering

Posted on August 20, 2013 by LaceTrim.com | 0 comments

Easy Sewing Tips for Gathering Lace Trim

Gathered lace trim is recognizable by its ruffled, scalloped appearance that is held together by a single, straight band.  It is very simple to stitch.          


  • Easy sewing tips for gathering Most hand-made and some machine-made lace edgings have a heavy thread running along the straight edge.  The thread can then be inserted into a needlepoint to pull up gathers.

  •  A fully ruffled gathered lace trim can allow two and a half to three times the finished length. 

  • When gathering the lace trim using a machine, set the machine for a long stitch and loosen the top tension a little.  This can be done as long as the lace trim does not have a heavy thread.  
  • Wide lace edgings require two rows of stitching along the straight edge, and narrow lace edgings require a single row of stitching. 
  • If a gathered lace trim is being applied to the surface of a fabric, such as around the edges of a pillow, it is best to baste the lace in a stiff position and work a very fine zigzag stitch along the lace’s edge.    


Gathered lace can be stitched onto many different accessories.  



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