How to use Insertion Lace Trim ?

DIY Ideas with Insertion Lace Trim

An insertion lace trim is recognized for its band design with a dainty and intricate pattern that is embroidered in between two selvage edges. The insertion method for incorporating lace bands in a design is also quite popular among lace designers.  The key to insertion is to make the lace band appear to be a part of the entire item, rather than tacked onto the item as an additional piece of fabric. 

  • DIY Ideas with Insertion Lace Trim - Cover the seams of your favorite garments with insertion lace trims to hide threads and rough cloth edges.

  • Long, flowing skirts, slips, negligees, silk blouses, all of these items look even classier with an insertion lace trim to delicately trace the edges.

  • Insertion lace trim can be noticed in tablecloths, handkerchiefs, wedding dresses, and exquisite blouses.  

If you would like a creative and unique way to unite two pieces of fabric into one, use a lace insertion trim to cover the sewn edges. It will give the fabric a stylish and elegant appearance.  


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