DIY Beading Lace Trim

DIY- Do It Yourself with Beading Lace Trim

Beading lace trim is one of the most versatile lace trims in the design world.  It also has a variety of uses when incorporating lace into fashion and interior products.  Open slots are lined up in a row throughout the middle of a beading lace band.  These slots can be threaded with ribbons, yarn, thread, and even other bands of lace.  Some slots are tiny, and other slots are large.  This should be kept in mind when deciding on the size of the item that can be threaded through the open slots.    


  • DIY with Beading Lace Trim A modern dress shirt with insertion styled lace trim can look even more upbeat and glam with colorful ribbons threaded through the lace openings.

  • You can thread the ribbons or yarn through a singular beading lace band and tie the lace band like a bow in a young girl’s hair for braids or a ponytail. 

  • Use beading lace trim as a ribbon to tie your hair back. 
  • Decorate your bed sheets by sewing beading lace trim along the edges. 
  • Wrap beading lace trim around the rim of a woven basket to embellish its appearance.  It can be used anytime, anywhere, in any capacity.    


DIY Do It Yourself wih Beading lace trim has many uses after all.  


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