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Lace Flowers, Lace Jewelry and Lace Baskets

Posted on February 28, 2014 by LaceTrim.com | 0 comments

What can we make with Lace Trim?

Lace Trim can be used specifically for its own different range of products. Some of these are making lace flower edgings, jewelry making or for making lace baskets done by stiffening lace with sugar. The procedure is easy for flower making and can be made from a lot of materials that you have handy, like feathers, ribbons or starched fabrics. But if you have lace and are not using it, then it is a waste of the beautiful material.

(Beautiful Lace Flowers Centerpiece by JackAndLavender on Etsy)



(White Picot Floral Lace Trim, above)


The effect is quite formal, but then the fragility makes it usable for all kinds of events. A solution of water and sugar can make the lace crisp and make it easier for making blossoms and kinds of fauna.

(Lace Flowers by Lisa Kettell on Flickr, above)


(Soft Galloon Lace Trim, above)


Handles of baskets can also use lace and gathered galloon lace.

(Beautiful Lace Basket found on Etsy, above)


(Big Floral Raschel Lace Trim, above) 


Lace jewelry is a fabulous idea for girls and it can be used for making cute bows for the hair or dresses.

(Cute Lace Headband by MalishkaBoutique on Etsy, above)


(Stretch Lace Headband by ThreeBirdNest on Etsy, above)


(Stretch Lace Trim great for Headband, above)


(Lace Jewelry Necklace by ThatOldBlueHouse2 on Etsy, above)


(Fine Floral Lace Trim great for Jewelry Necklace, above)


Wire lace can also be used in making accessories for hats and roses. 

(Metallic Gold Wire Edged Lace Trimabove)


(Lace Hat by Green Trunk Designs on Pinterest, above)


(Double Ruffled Lace Trim great for Hat Accessories, above)


(Baby Lace Hat by StarlitesChild on Etsy, above)


(Soft Cream Galloon Floral Lace Trimabove)


So aren’t you excited to look all the more gorgeous and stunning with these lace trimmings?

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